Plastic Fabrication

Plastic or Acrylic Fabrication is our main business concern. It has led us into other product fields such as signage and branding, but mainly it deals with creating or fabricating a product. Fabrication in these terms includes designing, cutting, bending, glueing, branding, engraving, finishing and whatever else is needed to complete the product specifications laid out by our clients. Once we have agreed on a project spec with our clients, a sample may be requested and then the order fulfills those stipulations.

3D Channel Letter Bending

We create 3D Signs and also offer the services of our 3D Channel Letter Bending machine. Great for 3d letters and signs.

Laser Cutting and Engraving

Plastic Displays not only uses 2 Laser Cutters but offers the service of laser cutting and laser engraving.

Plastic Displays is an acrylic fabrication and display manufacturing company based in Sandton, South Africa. We design, print and manufacture Acrylic display units from Plexiglass or Perspex. We also print banners, vinyl and print direcly onto plastics.

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Unit 5, Sandton Commercial Village, c/o Marlboro Drive and Seventh Avenue, Eastgate Ext, Sandton, 2063
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