Fabricated 3D Logo with white and green acrylic with Lights.
Acrylic 3D logo fabricated letter bending is a stunning way to show off your company logo indoors or outdoors.
We are busy here cutting out the letters for this sign. The Acrylic Letters are being fabricated to be placed in the cut outs. This makes the letters stand out.
Acrylic Hotel sign made from thick acrylic, then printed on and attached neatly to the outside wall of a hotel. We are able to print dynamic colours onto acrylic.
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The Beautiful Chaos Blonde - the sign is complete and installed. Building signage using acrylic fabricated letters creates a stunning effect.
During elections this year in May, we were commissioned to print and install a new billboard on the side of this building.
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This is an example of a large banner to be placed on the side of a building in order to catch attention. We print very large building signage and pvc weld it to make the length you need. This job includes the black-back PVC banner and frame.
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Ace Online SA commissioned us to fabricate their logo for a large area in 3D. We used channel letter bending to create the letters and logo.
Metropolitan 3D Fabricated white lettering and logo.
Acrylic Printing can create a stunning looking sign when used on clear persex and mounted to the wall of eg. a Hotel or Conference Centre.
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Plastic Displays is an acrylic fabrication and display manufacturing company based in Sandton, South Africa. We design, print and manufacture Acrylic display units from Plexiglass or Perspex. We also print banners, vinyl and print direcly onto plastics.

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